Cane Corso Breeder in Texas
Cane Corso Breeder in Texas
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Welcome to El Mesquital's Cane Corso

About our Cane Corso kennel:

We at El Mesquital Cane Corso, maintain that it is important to select our Cane Corso Breeding Stock with undertaking and passion, thinking carefully about breeding, monitoring the sires and dams for the most ordinary genetic breed pathologies, and constant updating on the evolution of the same in the attempt leave an imprint, always within the standard terms, on the true Cane Corso bloodline, not withstanding the trends and fashions which differentiate it from the commercial demand for Cane Corso puppies.

The Cane Corso is a reflexive and balanced dog who naturally discerns situations of real danger from those simulated. The serious Cane Corso breeder's job consists of not just attending beauty shows but to preserve and consolidate these natural gifts which are unique in the canine world.

We are a Texas based breeder in DFW area, with few well planned litters per year.

Kennel visits are welcome to see our adult Cane Corso dogs and Cane Corso puppies. We encourage you to visit and see our Cane Corsos. We are located 1 hour from Dallas and 20 minutes from Ft Worth Texas.

Recent news:

SACCI Raduno Top Working Bitch 2011
SACCI Raduno Top Working Male 2011
EM Xcalibur at SACCI Raduno 2011
        1 WB and 2 RWB
EM Kit 2 BOB 1 BOO baby class
Ch.EM Vulcan first place in weight pull
and first place on the longe

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