Cane Corso Breeder in Texas
Cane Corso Breeder in Texas

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Here at El Mesquital Cane Corso, our most important goal is to breed puppies that will become stable adults.

We are dedicated to promote soundness of character and working ability.

We selectively breed for confirmation, structure and temprament

El Mesquital puppies are born in our home and receive the very best care we can provide.

When they are old enough to leave the whelping box, they go in and out of the house and learn to be dogs, that is, social members of the pack.

At this time, we also begin to introduce them to various environmental distractions such as noises (music, metal cans with rocks, vacuum cleaners, gun shots, etc.) and different footings (mud, dirt, cement, chicken wire, wood, rocks, plastic, etc.).

This is also the age when we begin socializing the pups with humans, but being careful not to over socialize them.

We play with the puppies to develop their prey drive,We use rags, rabbit skins, leather pieces and bite toys, either in one on one or group training sessions.

Training puppies has to be fun for them, always done in a playful manner and always ending on a positive note, This early foundation work is the key to developing a confident and stable adult.

Everyday they see adult dogs and older puppies working on their prey drive, doing bite work and practicing obedience.

The puppies really learn from observing the older ones working.

The puppies will be ready to go to their new homes at 8 weeks of age, with their shots current at that time.

If you choose to purchase a puppy from us, please keep in mind that it will need a lot of commitment, patience and work from you.

Remember, we are breeding to keep the Cane Corso as it was meant to be, a strong,confident and well balanced dog.

We think the Cane Corso should be a natural guardian, but we as a breeder and new owners have to work to keep the Cane Corso strong

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